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Waibel: RSL in discussions with multiple foreign players

RSL’s general manager says the club isn’t done looking for the right player to join the team.

Matt Montgomery / RSL Soapbox

You thought Real Salt Lake’s offseason acquisitions were done? Think again. RSL general manager Craig Waibel says he’s still in discussions with players.

That came from an interview he did with ESPN700’s Bill Riley yesterday, and frankly, it’s enough to get us crawling across Google and Transfermarkt again.

“Prior to opening day, we may have an announcement, but in terms of anyone we bring in now, it’s most likely a foreign player, so it will take a little bit of P-1 visa and all that good stuff,” he said in the interview on the club-owned station. “We’re in discussions with multiple players, a couple different positions. We’ll see if any of them come to fruition.”

Waibel said that if the club does reach an agreement with any of the players, they wouldn’t be waiting until the summer transfer window to bring them in — but that if they don’t work out, they will be taking a close look at the summer window.

“If we’re able to reach an agreement in the conversations we’re in, it’ll simply be a matter of P-1 visa, all the good stuff, three, four-week process,” he said. “But barring any signings now, we have the resources and means to make a summer signing, which is a nice thing to have, to be able to get to that point of the season and improve the team would be a really fun place to be in.”

Extended quotes

It’s an interesting time in the world market. Ours is one of the few open markets, and so right now if a team transfers a player to us, in very few countries can they replace him on their roster. It’s a bit of a fine balance right now trying to someone, but clearly, we’re not done. If it doesn’t happen right now, certainly, we’ll start eyeing the summer window and making sure we make the team better then.

Just let ‘em search through Europe; they’ll figure it out. If you pay attention to Andy’s Twitter account, I think you’ll figure out where he is, and obviously that’ll steer you down a couple nooks and crannies.