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The RSL Show - Episode 28 - RSL v SJ and The Midfield

We tied a game! We signed Brooks Lennon on a loan! We talk about the midfielders on the squad!

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Well, we tied San Jose! YAY!

So, remember how it’s pre-season and the only thing that really matters is that the team gets minutes playing together and gets fit for March? Okay. Remind everyone you know that’s an RSL fan about that.

We talk about the game and the line-ups. Please don’t let us ever have to see something like this in a league match. A lot of encouraging things from players like Ruznak, Dunk, Allen, and Hernandez. Josh is REALLY up on Hernandez, and probably rightfully so.

Kyle didn’t play and we address the rumors/conspiracy theories/lunacy that is going around about him being injured or the captaincy going to someone else. Concern is fine, but let’s keep our heads on tight please.

The pre-season thus far has shown us a little about what to expect over the next few weeks but this Portland tournament is what we’re all waiting for. Get excited.

Continuing our break down of the different groups in the team we talk about the midfield and the plethora of decisions/options that Cassar is going to have in front of him for player selection this season. Please bless him that he might make good decisions.