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Open Thread: Introduce yourself

Yes, it’s fun to talk about yourself. I think.

USA V Jamaica

Whether you’re new to RSL Soapbox (or Real Salt Lake — no judgment!) or you’ve been here for years, you’ve probably never been asked to introduce yourself to everyone.

For some of you, that was probably a blessing. Who wants to introduce yourself to a crowd? I usually don’t. But it’s also a valuable opportunity for everyone in the community to get to know each other a little bit outside of just plain soccer talk. (That stuff’s great, but sometimes, you just need a break!)

The season’s approaching, so let’s just start talking. Tell us as little or as much as you’re comfortable. I’ll start.

I’m Matt, and you probably know me as the managing editor of RSL Soapbox. I’m also a software engineer by trade, and I’ve been writing or running a Real Salt Lake blog in some form since mid-2011. I started after graduating from Southern Utah University, with my first real post being for The RSL Show, which is only sort of related to The RSL Show you find here on RSL Soapbox. In September 2012, I started acting as managing editor here at RSL Soapbox. The rest is history, I guess.

So — how about you?

Match of the Day: USA vs. Jamaica

Wondering when that photo’s from? My best guess is a USMNT match against Jamaica — a World Cup qualifier from 1988. Here — let’s watch some extended highlights.

Or maybe it was this one, also from 1988.