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The RSL Show - Episode 32 - Who needs goals anyway?

So many things to talk about after the Chicago match and we’re not gonna talk about most of them. We thought about it and decided to talk about what we think the most important thing is: No goals.

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MLS: Real Salt Lake at Chicago Fire Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports


That's how we feel about that one. There's SO much to discuss about this match. We could fill several hours worth of ranting, really. We should have live-casted this one. You all should have heard the fun we were having during the match.

In talking about how we wanted to approach this episode we decided to talk specifically about RSLs impotence in the attack rather than chasing down a breakdown of each phase of the game vs Chicago. We're going to use impotence here cause it hurts a little more to say it than say, ineptitude or inability.

Again, we could talk for days about why we haven't been scoring goals in league play for what SEEMS LIKE FOREVER, when in reality it's just that we've only scored two goals in the last 8 games. (we misspoke again in saying that we haven't scored in 9 games or since August, but that's what it feels like and we were emotional).

Get in on the discussion with us on this one. We're sure it will be a fun one.