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RSL Soapbox MLS Fantasy: Round 2, Fight!

A hefty week of points for some. A tear-jerking lack for others.

MLS: Real Salt Lake at Chicago Fire Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

So. Anyone play Ousted? Those red cards are fantasy team destroyers! A red card AND your captain? That’s double negative points. Ouch.

I didn’t do quite so well this week and I’m sitting in thirty-ninth place. I played Sunny and Allen and, well, we all know how that went. You’re in the same boat if you had Giovinco on your team. And I’m betting he captained many teams. At least I placed above average.

And now, our top eleven (eleven actually fit in the screenshot!). Close on that top two. Nice work, Brandon and James. But things are just getting started. No one is winning yet.


  • With unlimited substitutions, statistics say start players from teams with home matches. Not always the best bet, as Atlanta showed us, but it works on a statistical level.
  • Speaking of Atlanta, a great strategy looks to be loading up your team with players who are going up against Minnesota. There’s some fat points to be had here and I’m thinking that trend continues for a bit until they start to get things figured out.
  • And figuring things out? Maybe don’t go too RSL heavy. RSL’s defenders brought in a pretty penny the first week and Rimando rocked it. Last week? Severe dearth of points. Tread lightly. However, we have that game in the cards. It’s coming. Watch closely, because the few who stock up on RSL players when that game comes along are going to rake in some points.

Final Thoughts

There is some serious new talent in the league. Find the right new player, the new breakout, and that’s how you’ll win. It’s your captain who differentiates your team from the tens of thousands of other players. You must choose, but choose wisely. For as a true captain will bring you points, a false captain will take them from you.