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Cassar: Maund, Schuler back in training after injuries

The two might not play this weekend against LA Galaxy, but it’s still a bit of good injury news for once.

MLS: Toronto FC at Real Salt Lake Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Real Salt Lake’s injury crisis isn’t necessarily easing, but it’s taken a positive turn with Aaron Maund and Chris Schuler returning to training today.

In an interview with Bill Riley on ESPN 700, RSL coach Jeff Cassar said the two defenders were back in training, but was quick to note that neither player is fully up to speed. He also said that neither Joao Plata nor Jordan Allen were involved in full training.

“What we need to get back to, is when you step on the field, you’re 100 percent,” Cassar said. “Anything less isn’t good enough. We have to get these players back to optimal fitness.”

Cassar continued, saying it’s about more than just getting the two center backs into the game.

“It was great to see Chris and Aaron out there,” he said. “Now it’s getting them up to the speed that’s not just playing a game, but being successful in the game.”

Salt Lake Tribune beat reporter Chris Kamrani wrote today that Justen Glad remains on a “week-to-week timeline” — that almost certainly rules him out for this one.

Projected out against LA Galaxy

  • Jordan Allen
  • Justen Glad
  • Joao Plata