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Open Thread: What’s your pre-game ritual?

Tell us about how you get ready for a match.

MLS: Real Salt Lake at Chicago Fire Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Whether you live in the greater Salt Lake area or you’re in the far-reaches of Utah or beyond, getting ready for a game, home or away, is serious business.

With that in mind, our open thread this week focuses on that. How do you get ready for a game? What’s your ritual?

I’ll kick things off.

This is a touchy subject for me, mostly because my home game ritual involved tailgate lot tacos, and since said tacos have ceased to be, my ritual is empty and void. But it’s not all bad!

Before most home games, I like to stop off at Ocean Mart on 9000 South — it’s an Asian market, and it’s not exactly small. Sometimes, that means snacks, but often, it’s more about just picking up some groceries — curry, the like. That’s not a very exciting ritual.

Every Saturday in the summer, I’ll also head over to the Downtown Farmers Market in Pioneer Park — it’s a great way to kill a couple hours. Talking with vendors, picking through vegetables, finding something new and interesting — it’s great. I’d recommend it to everyone.

Aside from those two things, some of my match day is also focused on RSL Soapbox. Typically, I’ll write the ‘How to Watch’ post you see every week, and I’ll often put together some other content. But a big part of that is also about making sure that the content our other writers produce gets published. That’s been a great change over the last year of contributors coming on board.

Oh, and I get nervous. Way too nervous.

Now that you know that I basically prepare for a match by eating my feelings, how do you prepare?