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Luke Mulholland: “The referee’s just a joke”

To say that Luke Mulholland is unhappy with Soren Stoica might be an understatement.

MLS: Los Angeles Galaxy at Real Salt Lake Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Luke Mulholland had some strong words for tonight’s referee, Soren Stoica, calling him a joke.

Whether you agree or not, there’s a strong chance that he’ll be facing a fine.

The referee is just a joke, that’s all I have to say. He killed the game. One of their players absolutely smashes Beckerman and he ends up giving two of our players a yellow card, and that’s the one that ended up costing us. Becks had to make a professional foul before they hit us on the break, but that should have been his first yellow card. It’s a shambles.

After a bit of reflection — whatever time it took him to make it to the full press conference — Mulholland expounded.

Obviously, I just lost my temper and pushed him. Even in this day and age, a push isn’t worth a yellow card. ... The fact that we came out with a yellow card each and no yellow card for Jones is the icing on the cake. Five minutes later, we made a terrible clearance and Kyle has to make (a tackle) and hits the dressing room early. It’s disappointing.