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Coach’s Quotes: Cassar on refereeing, starting XI and the Yura sub

Direct from the coach’s mouth, we’re taking a dive into RSL coach Jeff Cassar’s quotes last night.

MLS: Los Angeles Galaxy at Real Salt Lake Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

On refereeing

That moment that produced two yellow cards for Real Salt Lake players but was actually a Jermaine Jones foul? Here’s what Cassar had to say.

I don’t know what was said out there. Must have been something but it’s sad. I am disappointed for the fans who came out to see a good entertaining game. Anytime when someone leaves the field, there were ten of those fouls on the other side and there were no cards. We are not going to complain about it but it was poor. It was poor. I feel bad for our fans. I feel bad for the players.

He’s not quite blaming the referee directly, but he’s not far off — it’s pretty transparent. But to say he’s disappointed for us as fans shifts a lot of blame away from the responsibility of the coaching staff to prepare a team for a strict referee.

On rotations and starting lineups

We are working extremely hard during the week and I couldn’t be more pleased with the efforts that we are putting in. Obviously, we need a good solid rotation of players. We are rotating for needs and necessity not because we want to do it tactically. Until that gets more solidified, you know obviously, we are going to miss players this weekend and have some players coming back from injury and I don’t know how far along they are.

We don’t know how far along they are, either, but we at least know who they are. Let’s talk about that, then get back to the quote.

  • International duty: Albert Rusnak, Nick Rimando
  • Suspension: Kyle Beckerman
  • Questionable through injury: Justen Glad, Jordan Allen, Joao Plata, Aaron Maund, David Horst

And, of course, there is a school of thought that thinks Yura Movsisyan might be out through suspension after a stamp of some sort, but honestly, I haven’t seen that play, and I don’t remember it from the game. We’ll see what happens there. Back to Cassar:

But we need to get into a rhythm and guys need to know their roles. Right now, their roles could be changing. With that being said, I do think this team is very much together and that is going to make us strong for different times of the year. I wish I could get my regular rotation down and then be moving pieces to make an impact in the game rather than piecing together a group but they are playing solid. We have not even come close to the normal starting lineup that was projected at the start of the year.

It’s hard to disagree. Rhythm and consistency are important. It’s doubly important in the defense. But as much as he may wish for the ability to get his regular rotation down, that’s something few coaches are ever afforded. It may never come.

On what RSL needs to improve

Listen, at the end of the day, we go over and over and over, so the set up was fine. Everyone was on their makes and then you have to win your individual battles. That is just how it is on set plays. And we lost an individual battle. I thought we could have done better with not giving up the corner, but it’s tough to deal with and they made us pay. Our marks were set everyone knew who they had, and he broke away from our player.

Yep. Not much to say here, but it was worth repeating.

On why Barrett entered for Movsisyan

It was a tactical move. He had worked incredibly and I wanted to bring Chad in. We wanted to wear them down even more. Chad had a wonderful opportunity to put us up 2-0 and I wish we could have that one back but he worked hard. He put himself in good positions and hopefully next time it goes in.

I mean, I get it — but only minutes after that 2-0 opportunity passed him by, we conceded. And sure, it would have been great, and it was very nearly great. But I do wonder if there was out there — could we have opted for more control in the midfield, instead, which was something we lacked.

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