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It’ll never happen, but could Arsene Wenger hack it in MLS?

I’m calling it now: Wenger to be RSL’s next coach. Or not.

MLS: All-Star Joint Team Press Conference Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Arsene Wenger, longtime manager of Arsenal in the English Premier League could be just the fit RSL is looking for in a new coach. He’s in the midst of a turbulent time as Arsenal’s coach and it just might be the right time for a Premier League coach to finally test his mettle in MLS. It’s a step up, for sure, but Wenger might just have the chops for the task.

He’s had a terribly short tenure at Arsenal, managing the team since only 1996. That’s, what, twenty-one years? Pfft, it’s nothing considering the earth has been around for 4.5 billion years.

He was, however, the coach of the Invincibles, that legendary unbeaten run where Thierry Henry only scored thirty league goals. There’s proven success here that could be what RSL needs. He knows how to develop a team identity.

Plus, RSL sounds a bit like Arsenal when you say it out loud. Try it. Don’t worry about what you’re co-workers or loved ones might think. RSL. Arsenal. See? It’s destiny!

Although, considering he makes about $8.9 million a year and RSL’s combined team salary for 2016 was $5.9 million, he might be just barely outside of our price range. But maybe not.