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Kreis: Quick Cassar firing “is absolutely absurd”

The former RSL coach is weighing in on another former RSL coach.

MLS: New York City FC at Real Salt Lake Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

As with most things in soccer, everyone has an opinion on coaching and staff changes, and former RSL coach Jason Kreis is no exception.

Kreis talked with sports radio station 96.9 The Game in Orlando about the dismissal of Jeff Cassar, and he’s got some strong words about the timing.

It’s a really difficult subject, obviously. Jeff is a dear friend of mine ... I think that any coach getting fired three games into a season is absolutely absurd. It’s way too quick. You have to give the coach a right amount of time to show sort of the path that he’s on and the path that he’s creating for the players.

... I think, in general, soccer’s just always sort of been of sport that people have, ownership has, a lack of patience for.

We’ll present this largely without comment, but it is particularly interesting that Jason Kreis was hired four games into the season when then-RSL coach John Ellinger was fired.

Regardless, take this for what its worth: a former Real Salt Lake coach and a person still held in high regard in Salt Lake City weighing in on a difficult situation.