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RSL vs. New York Red Bulls: Five quick stats

Did you know that our passing was bad? Oh, you saw that? Okay.

MLS: Real Salt Lake at New York Red Bulls Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

5. Five players finished the match with passing success rates under 50 percent.

This statistic probably isn’t surprising, given RSL averaged only 51 percent passing accuracy overall. Those players with under 50 percent, pictured in the graphic, are:

  • Yura Movsisyan (45.5 percent)
  • Aaron Maund (45.5 percent)
  • Luke Mulholland (43.3 percent)
  • Chris Schuler (42.1 percent)
  • Demar Phillips (41.2 percent)

I’m not really sure what was going on here, aside from trying to play against a high-pressure team. I guess it worked out well enough, given we managed to not lose?

4. Luke Mulholland and Demar Phillips attempted 29 long passes.

Luke Mulholland (3/14) and Demar Phillips (5/15) led the outfielders in long passes attempted, and it didn’t really work out as perhaps intended. Time after time, we tried to ping Yura Movsisyan with a ball that just didn’t reach him. That’s the same approach we’ve seemed to take for seemingly months now with little success. Hmm.

3. Aaron Maund cleared the ball 13 times. Chris Wingert cleared it once.

In what’s one of the more meaningless comparisons I’ve made in a while, you can sort of see a positional difference here. Chris Wingert didn’t have to clear the ball much for two reasons. One, New York tended to play through the middle against us; two, Wingert had Lennon dropping in to help out, giving him more options in the pass. And, of course, you’d always rather clear the ball than make a stupid mistake in the defense, so there’s that.

All told, not a bad performance from Maund, right?

2. Matt VanOekel made three great saves.

Here’s one.

You’ll have to rewatch for the rest.

Technically, this wasn’t a save, but whatever.

1. That’s was RSL’s first road shutout since April 2015.

I mean, wow. That’s not a thing I should be excited about, right? I am.