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Rumor: Mike Petke will be named RSL head coach

Petke was hired as Real Monarchs coach in 2017.

DC United v New York Red Bulls Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

It didn’t take long, did it? A rumor has surfaced about Mike Petke being RSL’s pick for coach and that the announcement tomorrow will confirm that.

That’s being reported now by Paul Tenorio, one of the more reliable MLS reporters around.

That rumor had started surfacing earlier in the night:

Of course, there’s nothing official about this. According to his LinkedIn profile, Cristiano Oliveira is an employee of SiriusXM, and he’s previously been cited as a board operator. There’s no reason — on its face — to take this rumor as truth.

But he wasn’t the only one spreading this rumor.

Eric Krakauer, host of the Bigsoccerhead podcast, has similar information. Now, there’s every chance that both Krakauer and Oliveira have been given information from the same place — they’re both passionate about Portuguese soccer, and Oliveira has appeared on Bigsoccerhead before.

Look for official confirmation from Real Salt Lake on this tomorrow.