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A guide to RSL for new fans

Trying to get to know your new favorite team? Here’s some of what you need to know before you dive into the deep end.

MLS: New York Red Bulls at Real Salt Lake Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re new to Real Salt Lake, you probably have some questions about the team, and you might really like a chance to get involved in the community with some basic knowledge under your belt.

That’s what we’ve done here. Over the last month, we wrote and wrote about the club, from our history to the current set of rules. There’s a lot here to get through — and you certainly don’t need to read any of it to be a fan. But if you’d like a chance to get to know the team, here — have at it.

Must-follow social media accounts

  • The official team account on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
  • RSL Soapbox on Twitter and Facebook, because you’re already here, so why not?
  • Chris Kamrani on Twitter — he’s the Salt Lake Tribune beat reporter and he’s on top of the news in a big way
  • Andy Williams on Twitter — RSL’s head scout is constantly dropping little hints about signings, and that’s just so much fun.
  • Brian Dunseth on Twitter — He’s keyed into everything in American soccer, he knows Real Salt Lake inside and out, and he scored a legendary goal for the club. What’s not to love? Oh, and he’s extremely responsive with fans and a very bright student of the game.

I want to learn more about the club’s history

Tell me about the best (and worst?) things about RSL.

I want to learn more about the rules

There’s a lot to know!

Alright. What’s this Real Monarchs stuff?

And the academy?