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MLS Fantasy Soccer: Opening weekend challenge

I didn’t win, but one of the RSL Soapbox players was best in MLS!

MLS: Minnesota United FC at Portland Timbers Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

The opening weekend challenge is over and I didn’t win. I blame you. Well, those of you who did better than me. I had Valeri as my captain! And I still didn’t break the top 1,000 overall.

As far as the RSL Soapbox league goes, I did break the top ten! I was nine. Yes! Who else made the top ten? Who was number one?

A special thanks to "King of the Soapbox" Matt Montgomery who always keeps the MLS Fantasy bar low.

So, as much as it pains me, here’s a shout-out to team Too_Much_Soccer and player Lets Go Red Bulls. I feel ashamed, and so should you RSL fans. Lets Go Red Bulls? An energy drink fan winning our RSL Soapbox Opening Weekend Challenge? Someone who is letting Red Bulls go; unless, of course, he meant let’s, the contraction for let us. Yeah, I’m resorting to grammarian insults because I feel inadequate. So what?

You know what’s worse? Lets Go Red Bulls was the winner of the MLS Opening Weekend Challenge! Not me. He had the most points of anyone playing MLS Fantasy Soccer! That’s pretty awesome. Smart move running a full Colorado Rapids back line. Plus, he had Valeri and Adi with Valeri as captain (I did that too, but Yura and Afful and Rowe failed me). So pat Lets Go Red Bulls on the back.

It’s a new game, though. You have unlimited substitutions. Everyone is back to zero points. It’s on!

RSL’s Top Points Earners

Rimando: 14

Beltran: 9

Wingert: 9

Beckerman: 8

Horst: 8

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