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The RSL Show - Episode 36 - He deserves a boop on the nose.

How do we feel about the win, you ask? Listen to find out!

Feels like we need more time than we give ourselves to talk about all of the things every single week!

We talk about the little changes that made a big impact on the match against the Vancouver whitecaps. We played some soccer and it was fun to watch! Our initial reactions when we saw the line-up were a little bit unsure. It's a little crazy to both of us that one week of training and one match could change the way we feel about certain players and the positions/roles that they play on the team.

Chris Wingert and Luke Mulholland impressed.

Luke seems to have been the worst coached player in the league for the last few years because Saturday night was a revelation!

Let's just encapsulate it all in saying that we are very excited to see where the rest of this adventure takes us.