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RSL vs Colorado Rapids: What we learned

Yes, we are going to look this gift horse in the mouth.

Real Salt Lake   v Colorado Rapids Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

That was an exciting finish to a sloppy match. We all love beating the Colorado Rapids, even when it comes as a gift. So what have we learned two matches under Mike Petke’s leadership?

Brooks Lennon. I said in an earlier article that we need to do whatever it takes to keep him at RSL. I’m cleaning out a closet to lock him in, just in case he needs to be shackled during the week to keep Liverpool from getting him back. I’m certainly on the hype train and have been for some time. He is a masterful piece of this team and can only push Allen to be better. He won that game for us.

Watts helped him. It was a gift, without a doubt. Yura knocked that penalty away, but Colorado had their feet on our throats through 40’ of that second half. We were sloppy. They play their style. It’s not pretty. It’s rarely exciting. It’s functional, though, and we got a lucky break.

Meaningful possession. Possession is one thing and it’s something many of us have loved about RSL for so many years: beautiful possession. But meaningful is the real word here. It has to mean something. Our passing has to be better. Our crosses have to have a point. We need to find players. It has to be better. We spewed a lot of worthless crosses toward the goal tonight.

But RSL found a way to grind out a win. That’s two wins in a row, now! Undefeated in the Petke era. It’s something to build on and the scoreline is what always matters in the end. This time, it came out RSL. I’m happy. There are massive areas of opportunity. We missed Plata immensely; he’s a key to this team. But we won. I’m excited to see what happens next week.


Brooks Lennon is going to win the golden boot with thirty more goals just like that. Too bad Villa had that goal this week because I’m calling Lennon’s a GOTW contender. It was lovely.

With our passing so clumsy, maybe Lennon should just dribble and shoot every time. Forty more goals just like that.

Buffalo wings did it!