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Coach’s Quotes: Petke’s ecstatic about RSL’s win

Real Salt Lake coach Mike Petke is already earning accolades for good interviews. It’s no exception after RSL’s 2-1 comeback victory over Colorado Rapids.

MLS: Real Salt Lake at Colorado Rapids Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Petke’s ecstatic

Ecstatic, not just for the win but for the guys. They knew coming into halftime that it wasn’t good enough. They were already laying into each other. It still wasn’t great coming into the second half but we had a bit more urgency. They didn’t stop until they got it.

We’re all ecstatic, too. Multiple wins? It’s been so long since we even had one on its own (although our most recent win before last week was also a 2-1 comeback against the Rapids, and that was a consecutive win, but who’s counting). Anyway, there’s a lot to be happy about.

On the team’s character

It says a lot about their heart and character. I could see it in their eyes the first day I took over. They have that desire. They showed it tonight, and I’m extremely proud of them. [TV interview]

It shows they have the desire and energy, and compete until the last whistle. With a league like this, it comes down to not giving up and pushing until last minute. [Press conference]

Here’s the thing: You don’t just magically get character overnight when a new coach comes in. It’s further evidence that this group of players we have here is very good, and now, we have Mike Petke starting to get more out of them on the field.

Petke takes responsibility

I think the guys — part of the reason we didn’t deal with it well — we didn’t anticipate it, I’ll be honest with you. They got behind the ball very quick and limited our opportunities going forward. The thing we didn’t do well enough was move the ball quick enough. [TV interview]

This is just good stuff.

On Brooks Lennon

That all came down to Brooks. I was set to bring on an offensive sub and move Brooks over to the other side and he looked at me and said: ‘I got this guy.’

Quotes are from an RSL Communications release except where otherwise noted.