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Player ratings: Minnesota 4-2 RSL

Bad went to worse went to ugly.

MLS: Real Salt Lake at Minnesota United FC Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Rimando - 3.5 When the GOAT is making simple mistakes that lead to goals, you know RSL is in bad shape. Rimando’s flub was as bad as we’ve ever seen from him. He came up with a decent save or two, but generally looked flustered.

Chris Wingert - 4 Wingert lost his man on the second Minnesota goal and RSL lost their confidence with it.

Justin Schmidt - 2.5 Schmidt’s simple errors led directly to two Minnesota goals. Poor defending and poor giveaways were not what we saw from Schmidt the other two times he started, but a young player is bound to be inconsistent. It came at a bad time for him and he didn’t handle adversity very well.

Aaron Maund - N/A

Demar Phillips - 4.5 Phillips was energetic but not very effective. He had some decent passing connections but was getting beat on his side pretty regularly.

Luke Mulholland - 6 Luke scored a goal for RSL when the ball landed at his feet to get them on the board early but then was forced into a position he is not used to so he was exposed.

Kyle Beckerman - 4.5 Beckerman’s frustration was on full display. He did not play with the poise we are used to.

Albert Rusnak - 5 Rusnak had some bright moments but was unable to really get RSL’s offensive engine running. He still needs a few games and probably some new direction from Petke to get into a rhythm.

Brooks Lennon - 6.5 Lennon was one of the few players on the field that didn’t have some cringe-worthy moments. He was at least generating something on his side, but was also forced into an outside back position earlier than we would have liked. And he did pretty well with that too.

Sebastian Saucedo - 6 Bofo created a few looks for RSL and had a couple shots on goal. His U-20 CONCACAF performance is still carrying over.

Yura Movsisyan - 6 Yura had a bookend goal for RSL and had another shot or two earned by his skill. However, he probably could have had one more goal with the looks he was given and was horrendous on defense.


Sunny - 6 It’s unfortunate timing for Sunny, but this may have been his best showing of the season. He was putting the ball at his teammates’ feet and was playing with tenacity. But, because of the loss, his performance will likely be overshadowed.

Joao Plata - 5 It was good to see Plata back on the field and he wasn’t afraid to pull the trigger. The game was lost by the time he came on though.

Luis Silva - 6 Silva set up Movsisyan perfectly on the last goal. Hopefully that will spark his confidence a bit.