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The RSL Show - Episode 35 - Is this rock bottom? Context is king.

We talk with our good friend Mitch about what the expectations for 2017 should be as we move into the “hold on to your butts” era of Real Salt Lake.

So, it's bad. We all know that.

Let's talk about what's making us bad and what Mike Petke and co can do about it in the coming weeks. What should expectations for the new head coach be? What do we think this team can accomplish in 2017? With so many open questions what are fans supposed to do with themselves?


Mitch joined us again to talk about the landscape in front of us, what has gotten us to this point, and where we could potentially get to this year and going forward. This is the "hold on to your butts" moment that we've been saying was coming. How do we now balance our passion as fans with reasonable expectations for the team going forward?

Also, some rumors just for fun.