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Open Thread: What are you watching?

Let’s talk about something that’s not soccer for a minute.

Star Trek Convention - Day 4 Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Alright, folks. It’s been a crazy three or so weeks at Real Salt Lake, so let’s take a step back. It’s time for another open thread, and this week, I want to know what you’re watching.

Whether that’s on TV, sports, movies — whatever’s on your mind, let’s hear it. I’ll start, as usual.

Me? I’ve been grinding my way through Star Trek: The Next Generation, which is sort of an annual ritual. I don’t know if that’s healthy, but I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about an Enterprise D-specific football club. (I’m not much for Parrisses Squares, personally.)

NCC-1701-D FC Lineup (4-4-2)

  • GK: Data, for his reflexes and agility
  • RB: Geordi LaForge, for his versatility (serving on the bridge and as chief engineer, especially)
  • CB: Worf, who will destroy any and all attackers
  • CB: Miles O’Brien, who has a good eye for technical details
  • LB: Deanna Troi, who brings nuance and connection to a full back spot
  • CM: Tasha Yar, the hard-tackling destroyer
  • CM: (C) Picard, holding down the middle with aplomb
  • LW: Wesley Crusher, who is young and talented but also incredibly annoying
  • RW: Beverly Crusher, who can serve in a great cross
  • FW: Will Riker (central striker), whose large frame makes for a perfect hold-up player
  • FW: Guinan (second striker), who will surprise you at every turn


  • GK: Ro Laren
  • CB: Mot the barber
  • RB/LB: Alyssa Ogawa, nurse
  • CM: Keiko O’Brien
  • CM: Reginald Barclay
  • AM: Katherine Pulaski
  • FW: Robin Lefler