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The RSL Show - New England Match Preview

A match between two teams really looking to change directions and find a win. Should lead to an exciting one to watch.

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Match Previews are gonna start coming out on Thursdays, we hope. Don't hold us to that. Not admissable in a court of law.

There are so many questions about what this one will look like for RSL. 14 players trained fully on Wednesday, which puts us in the position that we are able to call up players from Monarchs, if needed. We talk about what the line up might look like and some thoughts about formation. Really it's all speculation and we're just working

purely off what we hope it looks like. New England is an opponent that is going through a lot of the same pains that we are, and struggle from some very familiar problems. We match up well against them and it will really be about who can get in and execute well -- mostly this will be about who can finish their chances and take advantage of the others weak defense.