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Player ratings: New England 4-0 RSL

RSL’s reinforcements were humbled in New England.

MLS: Real Salt Lake at New England Revolution David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Van Oekel - 5 Van Oekel got hung out to dry multiple times by the defenders in front of him, making things look much worse for him than they actually were.

Chris Wingert - 4 Wingert simply wasn’t good enough.

Aaron Maund - 3.5 Maund got exposed against New England in the first half. It seemed like he was a step behind the play and Kai Kamara in particular was just too much for him to handle.

Reagan Dunk- 3 Dunk got his MLS debut and it was not exactly a warm welcome to the league. Dunk got beat badly a handful of times by Rowe and Kamara. Hopefully it serves as a learning experience.

Demar Phillips - 4.5 Of the defenders, Phillips was the best. It was a low bar on the night, but Phillips looked tenacious and determined at least.

Omar Holness - 4.5 Holness had a pretty big opportunity to start in this match after not having played many minutes this season and he left us wanting. He had a great look at the goal in about the 652nd minute and sent it high from about 10 yards out. He did have some decent connections with the forwards.

Stephen Sunday - 4 Sunny did not do much in the way of breaking up plays as New England pretty much did whatever they wanted to going forward.

Luis Silva - 4 Silva had a couple of intriguing passes up front showing some chemistry with the attacking players, but nothing really came of it.

Jose Hernandez - 5 Jose Hernandez looked alright as far as his passing went. He created some half chances for his team in his first start.

Joao Plata - 5.5 Plata was RSL’s best player for the first 60 minutes of the game getting off a couple of shots that had a chance to hit the back of the net, but it wasn’t quite good enough and we are all still waiting for Plata to get off the schneid.

Ricardo Velazco - 3.5 Velazco wasn’t really able to threaten in the attack and was a liability on defense.


Justin Schmidt - 5 Schmidt came on at half and went largely unnoticed, which in the context of this game was a good thing.

Jefferson Savarino - 5.5 Savarino had just shy of a half hour to work with when the game was already out of reach, but he got two shots on goal off which is more than anyone else could say for themselves. His free kick in the 80th minute was a tough angle and Cropper barely got his paw on it.

Yura Movsisyan - 4 Yura did a lot of chasing the ball around near the Revolution goal, but his pressure on the defense didn’t result in much of anything.