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Player Ratings: Seattle 1-0 RSL

RSL’s defense had a poor first half and the attack didn’t get going until around the 60th minute.

MLS: Real Salt Lake at Seattle Sounders FC Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Rimando - 8 Nick did gymnastics to keep Seattle from scoring on what looked like golden opportunities. Especially in the first half, a lot was asked of him and he was up to the task. The highlight of the game for RSL was Rimando’s PK save on Clint Dempsey. The GOAT did it again.

Reagan Dunk - 5 Dunk was neither great nor horrible. He, along with the rest of the RSL defense, was under pressure for a good amount of the match, but did his best not to break.

Aaron Maund - 5.5 Maund had his hands full in this one and lost his mark once or twice, but by and large kept Morris away from goal.

Chris Schuler - 4 Schuler didn’t have his best performance. I think most of us were surprised he got the start on turf given his injury issues. He lost track of a runner which could have led to a goal, but committed a clear foul in the box leading to a PK awarded to Seattle. Had Rimando not been in goal, that would have sealed the game.

Justin Schmidt - 5 Schmidt didn’t do too bad on his side, but there was too much service coming in from the sides.

Stephen Sunday - 4.5 Sunny wasn’t doing so well connecting passes, and RSL wasn’t able to posses the ball for the vast majority of the first half.

Kyle Beckerman - 6 Beckerman took a couple shots which we haven’t seen in a while, and one of them turned out to be one of RSL’s best chances. He committed a couple of rough and tumble tactical fouls to keep Seattle from getting too close to goal.

Omar Holness - 4 Omar got his opportunity to start and did not have a very effective showing. He played tough defense, but was part of the reason that RSL couldn’t hold on to the ball in the first 45.

Luis Silva - 4.5 Silva wasn’t as directly involved in his 74 minutes as anybody would have liked, but that was due in large part to the midfield not being able to get him the ball.

Joao Plata - 5 Plata was on the ball quite a bit and found good spaces to work with, but didn’t do much with the ball. He got a couple shots off, but they weren’t great looks. When he tried to find runs, his aim was way off.


Jefferson Savarino - 6.5 Savarino, as we have come to expect over the last few games, came on and injected life and determination into RSL’s attack. Until he came on, not much was going well for RSL in the way of scoring chances. These kinds of performances will surely make Savarino a consistent starter.

Yura Movsisyan - 4 Yura is frustrated and it is starting to become obvious. He didn’t do much with his 16 minutes when RSL was throwing everything forward. Something needs to be remedied.

Luke Mulholland - 5 Luke had two shots in 15 minutes and make a quick contribution off the bench.