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Royal Roundup May 22nd, 2017

Velasquez thriving, Philly gets hot, Cosmos go abroad, U-20’s tie, EPL ends, and more.

Laureus - New York Cosmos Photo by Andy Marlin/Getty Images for Laureus


  • Here’s the Soccer By Ives review of Saturday’s game.
  • Sebastian Velasquez is thriving with the Monarchs.
  • Readers of this blog will have seen that the Monarchs won again. Here’s the USL recap.


Other US Leagues

  • NASL’s Puerto Rico FC (owned by NBA star Carmelo Anthony) has fired their head coach and technical director.
  • NY Cosmos trip to Saudi Arabia right after losing in the USOC has some fans upset.
  • USL’s ambition seems to be paying off.




  • Highlights of the match if you wish to relive it.
  • A Rapids player, and asst. coach Connor Casey sent off vs Philadelphia.