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RSL SHOW (45) - RSL v Seattle, Monarchs, and YNT U20s

Another new formation and line up leads to a predictable result with more roller-coaster ups and downs. A little better, but not a lot.

Well, another loss and a really rough first 45 min for RSL vs Seattle on the weekend. It's been a roller coaster ride, like we've said many times, and this was a weird weekend that had both ups and downs. We keep ending up with more questions than answers after these matches and this one is no exception.

Yura not starting and his comments post-match

Plata continues to be a question mark and someone that we just don't know which player we're going to see on a given day

Silva playing at the point is always an adventure in "what?"

Tony coming back this week v Philly, maybe?

This is now an exercise in seeing how we improve/get worse with different players in the line up

That's just a few of the things we talk about. Some talk about the young guns over in Korea at the U20 World Cup as well as some talk about Monarchs stuffs.