From non-fan to SLTID

I grew up in SC, a place where soccer is not the main sport watched by people, it was Football(American) and Basketball. So when I moved here to UT I was a little at odds with what to watch live sport wise. So I went through my first few years here in Salt Lake, with no live at stadium sports for me.

Then on March 16,2013 my mother decided to buy tickets to the RSL home opener for that year. So we went, I was thinking this will be OK, it was a live sports event. I was nervous at first but as the game started and Believe started, I was taken aback. This atmosphere was contagious and I was hooked. The roar of the crowd and the pace of the game was fast and flying. From there I was a fan, and I followed them a lot. Yet after each game I got more and more into the team.

I felt anger when they lost and happy when we won. I scream for Rimando when he made a save, and screamed at the refs for making a bad call. They became my team, they became part of my life. I left on a mission for two years, and I still followed them via emails from my family. I still felt the feeling of closeness to a team 3000 miles away.

This time, is a part of me and is a part of SLC, so I mean this when I shout it, we love you Salt Lake, we do, we love you Salt Lake, we do, We love you Salt Lake, we do, Ohhh, Salt Lake we love you!

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