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RSL SHOW (47) - Trey Fitzgerald on Philly, Houston, and FC Dallas

Whenever we can get Trey on the show we know it’s gonna be a good one. Lots of great tangent talk, which we love.

Trey Fitzgerald (AKA WikiTrey, LLCool Trey, and @RealSaltLake) joins us to talk the win v Philly and the Texas road trip that is coming up Wednesday and Saturday.

We go off on a lot of tangents in this one. Isn't that what makes us who we are though?

Really good to get a win v Philly. Having Tony back was a huge part of that and could be key going forward. We talk a bit about how it's possible that Tony could be (similar)the Totti of RSL, in that he's played his whole career for us thus far and could possibly play out his on field days here. What a thing that would be!

Brief talks about the HOU and FCD games with some predictions about scorelines and how HOU will attack. Both these teams are trending down a bit over the past 6 matches and could be ripe for the picking if we can take care of business. Getting 3 wins on the trot could be just what we need going into the summer.

Hot takes, as always to finish this show out.

This one is a little long. It's good though.