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Petke confirms Lennon, Saucedo off to U-20 World Cup prep

The two RSL Academy grads may not be the only from RSL, but it’s what we know now.

MLS: FC Dallas at Real Salt Lake Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

In his post-match press conference yesterday, RSL coach Mike Petke confirmed that Brooks Lennon and Sebastian Saucedo are heading to U-20 World Cup preparations on Sunday — leaving the club without their services for around a month.

Petke mentioned that in regard to the match and those players performances on Saturday, so that shouldn’t be taken as evidence that any other players haven’t been called up.

We have Brooks and Bofo who are leaving tomorrow for the U-20 World Cup and have the energy and talent that every 19-year-old in their position should.

The U-20 World Cup final — not that there’s any guarantee that the U.S. will make it that far — is on June 11. That would leave those players out for more than a month.

Justen Glad and Danilo Acosta are likely to at least have been considered, and with Glad being kept out of RSL match contention to help him prepare for that, it wouldn’t be outside the realm of possibility that he was called in. Acosta, who has generally been very good for RSL, should be given another opportunity at the youth international level.

Rounding out the group could be Aaron Herrera, who is still in college play with University of New Mexico.