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The RSL Show - Episode 40 - RSL loses to FCD

We recap the loss to FC Dallas with our usual rants and tangents. No puppy breaks though so we’re getting more professional, or something.

You all know how much we love talking about losses, but here we go!

Recap of the loss v FC Dallas. Let's just be honest and say that we all saw this one coming. Dallas is a team that hadn't lost in 10 matches and has only given up something like 5 goals this year. With how leaky we are at the back and how impotent we are in the attack this one was written on the walls.

That said, not all bad. There's good to be found in the play of individuals and in moments as a group. We talk about the goals we gave up and how we could possibly address the lack of scoring this year. We also talk about Mike Petke's post match comments and what could come of it in the coming weeks. Could we be in for a massive change in formation and tactics?

With another curve ball coming our way in the form of US U20 call-ups we're really in for a fun (anxiety riddled) couple of weeks!