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Player Ratings: RSL 0-3 FC Dallas

RSL was efforting, but frustration set in.

MLS: FC Dallas at Real Salt Lake Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Van Oekel - 5 Three goals went in his net, but he was left in some nearly impossible situations. He came up with a six saves, so it’s not as if he wasn’t doing his part.

Demar Phillips - 4 Demar was probably unfairly called for a handball on the first Dallas goal, but it looked like he was pretty much beat on the play either way. Urruti was beating him on his side a little too often. That said, he had some ferocious tackles that were fun to watch.

Justin Schmidt - 4 Schmidt had a nice goal line save early in the first half, but made a handful of rookie mistakes which is to be expected. On Dallas’ second goal, Hedges was his mark, getting the best of the physical match up.

Aaron Maund - 4.5 Maund didn’t havea horrible showing, he just seemed to get tangled up a few times and lost his marks. RSL’s defensive shape was not good and too many Dallas chances came right through the middle.

Chris Wingert - 4.5 Wingert was the captain in Beckerman’s absence, and his defense was solid. His crosses were not very accurate though and he gave the ball away softly a few times when he came forward.

Sunny - 5.5 Sunny had a solid first half but his sharpness and quick play faded in the second half.

Luke Mulholland - 6 Luke put in the full 90 for RSL as Mike Petke pointed out. He played a consistent game and never gave up even when the air was taken out of the stadium.

Albert Rusnak - 5 Rusnak had some very good moments but was not as involved in creation as we would like to see when RSL is in a deficit.

Brooks Lennon - 5.5 Lennon had his fair share of chances and was unable to make the most of his scoring opportunities. Bofo found him many times he just wasn’t quite there.

Yura Movsisyan - 4 Yura wasn’t very noticeable in this game, and for a guy that is a veteran with his pedigree, he needs to make his presence known. The few chances he did have, his touch let him down.

Sebastian Saucedo - 6 Bofo created plenty of scoring chances for RSL and brought some positive energy for the first 60 minutes of the game.


Joao Plata - 4 Plata came on with plenty of time to make an impact, but he didn’t have a single shot. Plata’s play reflected his off-field antics.

Luis Silva - 4.5 Silva, much like Plata, had a big chance to come on and change the game but left us wanting.

Jose Hernandez - N/A