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Rio Tinto will host Club America vs. Monarcas Morelia in July 11 friendly

Monarcas Morelia and Club America square off at Rio Tinto Stadium.

Club America v Monarcas Morelia Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Rio Tinto Stadium will host at least two friendlies this summer: The one pitting RSL against Manchester United on July 17, and one just announced: A July 11 friendly pitting Club America against Monarcas Morelia.

Rio Tinto Stadium hosted Club America in a friendly in 2009, and that match was on — strangely enough — July 11.

This friendly is particularly interesting, given Monarcas have been rumored to be looking at Joao Plata as a potential acquisition.

Lower-end tickets are certainly more expensive than a typical match at Rio Tinto Stadium, although the upper end isn’t totally dissimilar.

An RSL season ticket holder sale starts tomorrow, while the general sale starts on Wednesday.

Let’s all just be happy that RSL won’t be playing two friendlies in short succession in the middle of their season. That might just be too much to bear.