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Player Ratings: Sacramento 4-1 RSL

The RSL reserves came up short in Open Cup play.

MLS: U.S. Open Cup-Real Salt Lake at Sacramento Republic Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

Lalo Fernandez - 4 Lalo didn’t really make any critical saves, and multiple goals got past him. He didn’t seem to have a firm control of the net.

Max Lachowecki - 4 Lachowecki wasn’t great passing the ball out of danger, and he was off again on again defensively.

James Moberg - 4 Moberg got beat on the second Sacramento goal and then got tangled up leading to the third. He had a better second half, but his first half was painful.

Justin Schmidt - 3.5 Schmidt seemed to have trouble working the ball out of the back for the better part of the game.

Reagan Dunk - 4 Dunk got beat on his side a few too many times and allowed the forwards to get in behind him.

Nick Besler - 4.5 Besler wasn’t really able to control the ball in midfield and allowed the Republic to win too many battles.

Jose Hernandez - 5.5 Hernandez was one of the better players for RSL getting around defenders and bringing the ball forward when not too many were able to do it.

Omar Holness - 5.5 Holness took full advantage of his size differential and won a lot of the battles for the ball. He picked up an assist on the Velazco goal and had some decent moments, but wasn’t a stand out player.

Bofo Saucedo - 5.5 Saucedo looked like the offensive leader for RSL, doing what he could to create chances.

Ricardo Velazco - 6 Velazco showed some fight and got the RSL in the first half breaking away from two defenders. He was really the only forward that threatened.

Jordan Allen - 4.5 Allen didn’t really assert himself in the game like we would have hoped in his return from a prolonged injury.


Brooks Lennon - 5.5 Lennon got the ball into some dangerous spots after he came on at the half, but there was nobody there to get on the end of it.

Daniel Haber - 4.5 It was a very quiet night for Haber, not too much stood out from him.