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$RSL Stock Report: Luis Silva sees unexpected rise; Movsisyan plummets

RSL’s rough start is finally easing.

MLS: Minnesota United FC at Real Salt Lake Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a bit since we did a stock report over here at your favorite financial advisors*, RSL Soapbox, and since then, everything sort of fell apart.

*Please, please, please don’t take any financial advice I give. Ever.

Here’s what I had to say last time around.

UP: Sunny, Chris Schuler, Justin Schmidt

Down: Yura Movsisyan, Allen/Beltran/Horst/Barrett, Chris Wingert

That’s an interesting list, isn’t it? But really, the big question is, what do we have today? Some important players are down, but the important thing in considering the stock of a player is that external forces can change perspectives. Any of these players could go up, and any could go down.

Down: Yura Movsisyan

May 24: Down

In one of the stranger circumstances around the team, Yura Movsisyan and Mike Petke have been involved in a fairly public disagreement since we last talked about this, and we’re probably talking about it too much. Interestingly, I’d say Movsisyan bottomed out about two weeks ago, and a game-winning goal last week gives him real value now. (Please stop talking about how it’s a garbage goal. Somebody has to score those sometimes, and we haven’t been.)

I actually think Movsisyan could go up again soon, but he’s got a lot of ground to make up.

Up: Luis Silva

April 21: Down

If you told me that Luis Silva would be RSL’s starting striker, and that he’d been a better-integrated part of the team than Yura Movsisyan, I don’t think I would have believed you. But here we are, and even though Luis Silva hasn’t been scoring, he’s at least been an acceptable combinatorial striker. He brings a lot to the team in terms of tactical variation, and it’s actually been fun to watch him with Joao Plata. There are still issues when Silva is your first-choice striker and a DP is on the bench, but he’s making it at least a little simpler.

Down: Justin Schmidt

May 24: Up; March 14: Up

I think we’ve really started to see with Justin Schmidt that playing a rookie over and over isn’t really a recipe for success, and it’s started to really drive home Craig Waibel’s point that you need to be able to rotate young players, not just play them ad infinitum. There really wasn’t a choice in giving Schmidt so many minutes, and I don’t think it will negatively affect his long-term prospects, but it’s an interesting thing.

Up: Tony Beltran

May 24: Down

I gave Beltran a down last time, simply because injuries had kept him out for too long. He’s back now, and he’s showing us exactly what we’ve been missing. He’s not the best crosser of the ball, but his build-up play on the wing is starting to kick into motion. He’s probably the best one-on-one defender we’ve got, and it sure doesn’t look like he’s lost a step.

Up: Justen Glad, Danilo Acosta, Brooks Lennon

THEY’RE BACK. We don’t need to say more.