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RSL vs. San Jose: What we learned

More of the same on the field. I want different.

MLS: Real Salt Lake at San Jose Earthquakes Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

This game started out exciting. RSL was going to bring it in San Jose and it was going to be a fun match to watch. And that all ended in the thirteenth minute. Hoesen scored and the game changed. San Jose closed up the match and that was the end.

But no! A breath of life flowed into the match. Lima picked up a second yellow and RSL now faced only ten men. And what did we do? Did we take advantage? Did we press? Did we push San Jose onto their heels? Nope. We, what, stop playing? Shrug? San Jose’s line was pushed almost all the way up to the center line.—with only ten players on the field. They controlled the match.

So what did we learn? Nothing new. We’re still struggling. There’s still no identity, no cohesion, no chemistry.

Well, maybe a little chemistry. That goal on an assist from Bofo to Hernandez was nice. The young guys are making a case. I want to see more of that. I want drastically different. Big changes. Big risks.

I’m also looking forward to the transfer window opening. Petke is going to get his chance to, hopefully, cross some items off his wish list. I want to see some players go. I want to see new players. Players that fit Petke’s vision for this club. He has a chance to make a stamp on this club that he missed during that odd off-season where we kept a coach we fired three matches in. I want to see some crazy changes this transfer window.


Anyone, except Rimando, over the age of twenty-eight stops playing and RSL goes on a winning streak. These kids have something to prove. Show us old timers how it’s done.

RSL trades, sells, or buys out the contracts of those old players and brings in more young talent.

We win MLS cup and the Supporter’s Shield. Through some strange, obscure rule RSL also gets to play the US Open Cup final and wins. Dunny makes a return to the field and goes by the moniker “Old Fart.” This fits because he eats far too many beans and drinks only protein shakes.