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RSL SHOW (52) - It feels like we’ve been here before...

Are the changes being made to the line up and formation helping or hurting RSL?

Where do we even start with this one?

It’s the same old story but with different players at this point. Yet another week where there were surprises in the line-up and formation which, in our opinion, lead to a confused team and poor play. There’s an argument there that professional athletes should be able to play in which ever formation with any list of players that the coach could put out there. Are we seeing that type of adaptability from RSL? Probably not. We seem of two or three minds every time we get the ball, positionally we seem lost and are missing marks or not even tracking runs at this point. With how we are attacking we are too far forward when we turn the ball over cheaply in the middle third (which we do all the time) to be able to quickly organize defensively. Just the same old story. Would consistency, even if we kept losing, be better?

Orlando comes to town this Friday night. The return of Jason, Luis, and Will. Do we clap for them at this point or are we allowed to mock them now?

Oh, and Darryl Shore got fired. So there’s that.