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RSL vs. FC Dallas: What we learned

Another slobbery raspberry with spittle that smells of elderberries.

MLS: Real Salt Lake at FC Dallas Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

I’m on vacation right now, sitting in a hotel in Long Beach looking forward to a cruise to Mexico tomorrow. I’m not sure I’d pick Texas as a vacation spot, but it sure looks like that’s what RSL did.

I’m thinking this Texas trip was just one big conspiracy to make Matt Van Oekel look bad because the rest of the team are all envious of his superlative hirsute expertise. Instead of being shown up by his quality facial hair, they schemed to turn the social media community against the backup keeper. He is the victim of machinations against his beard. Poor Van Oekel.

What is it with our culture that we always need someone to blame? Everything that ever happens needs to be blamed on someone. There has to be a culprit, a perpetrator, someone whose fault it all is. But our despicable run of form cannot in any way, shape, or form be pinned on a single individual. None of our poor outings are a single person’s fault. We can’t just blame-game these problems away on a single keeper, defender, coach, manager, owner.

I think I know what Petke’s halftime locker-room speech was, though: Be part of a goal or you’re out of the family! So Plata, Beckerman, Rusnák, and Holness are safe. But if you didn’t read this article by Charles Barnard, read it. It lays out a case for needed changes.

And at this point, no job should be a lock come the summer transfer window. Not one. Waibel called out the defenders, but I’d say a systemic overhaul is needed. I made the case for youth earlier this year and the data at the time supported that case; I’m planning to revisit this in a couple of months and we’ll see if the trend holds. But all jobs should be on the line and that should be clear. If players want out, make the deals. If players are unhappy, sell them off. Put together a squad that will get behind this club’s vision and make something new. Send others on their way. The league has advanced and RSL has been left behind. It’s time to catch up.

As I said on Wednesday, wear your Salt Lake Till I Die badges with honor. This is our club and this slump will not last forever. They need us now more than ever. But don’t be surprised if the look of RSL changes, because it’s going to change. It has to change.


The RSL first team needs to swap rosters with Real Monarchs.