Lets Do A Real Evaluation of RSL GM Craig Waibel

This topic seems to have been beaten to death lately but no one really has explained to me why Craig Waibel should or should not be on the hot seat. It then came to mind that I just might not know what the job duties are. So, I looked for a description of what a Sports General Manager does. For this discussion, please refer to this link to understand the area's I am going to ask you to discuss.

Now, please spend a minute and create your argument for each of the 3 P's: People, Profits, and Press.

Here is a link to the player transactions for the team over the past number of years.

Here is a link to Club info regarding coaches, owners, and other people.

Here is a link to MLS Rules and Reg's

Now, lets do some real evaluation of Waibel so we can put to bed for the time being the topic of if he should or should not be on the hot seat.

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