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Player Ratings: Dallas 6-2 RSL

The match was historically bad for RSL.

MLS: Real Salt Lake at FC Dallas Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Van Oekel - 5 None of the goals were his fault. None.

Tony Beltran - 4 Beltran was part of the horrible defensive shape and it’s hard to explain exactly why that was the case.

Chris Schuler - 3 Schuler got lost a few times and was sucked in to the mindset around him which led to frustration and getting exploited.

Aaron Maund - 2 The lowest score I can recall giving to any player, and Maund earned it. He was at least in part or directly responsible for at least four if not all five Dallas goals. I would be shocked if he is still with RSL for much longer.

Chris Wingert - 3.5 If anyone on the back line should have been able to help discipline the defense, it should have been Wingert. But alas, he had his hand in a couple goals.

Luke Mulholland - 4.5 Luke was one of the few players on the field that didn’t completely embarrass himself.

Kyle Beckerman - 5.5 Beckerman was efforting to lead the team, but he has to be held accountable just like anyone else. He was able to get a few shots off and threatened more than the forwards for much of the game. It paid off and he had a great header goal.

Albert Rusnak - 5 Rusnak created a few looks for RSL, he was just surrounded by players that weren’t getting it done on the night. He also had a couple of shots that he uncharacteristically sent way wide.

Joao Plata - 4.5 Plata was looking to score, but didn’t put forth any sacrifice for his team mates until the second half when he set up Holness perfectly.

Yura Movsisyan - 3.5 Someone who has played at the level that Yura has should be much better than he was against Dallas, but he was pretty much ineffective.

Omar Holness - 5.5 Holness skied RSL’s best scoring chance lof the first half when they could have tied the game. Players do that at times, it’s forgivable. His midfield play wasn’t very good, but he didn’t hang his head in the second half, however, and was able to score his first MLS goal.


Ricardo Velazco - 5 Velazco came on at half for Yura and was one of the few players that didn’t have completely negative body language. He was a good addition to the game.

Reagan Dunk - N/A

Jose Hernandez - N/A