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RSL SHOW (48) - What the hell? (Spencer Warne)

Spencer Warne joined Jake to talk about the hot mess that the last week has been. Spencer is always a joy to talk to and has some great takes on everything but Liverpool.

The real question here is "what the hell?" when the team that should be good just flat out isn't. There are so many things that it could be and so much to talk about but when it really comes down to it is it just attitude? Is all the change this year taking a toll on the players mentally? What do we think about the comments from Mike and Craig over the last week and allowing 11 goals in two matches?

This season was always going to be interesting but it's turning into a real barn burner at this point. (barn burner in that someone has lit fire to the team and we're literally watching it all burn to the ground.)

It's a fun 40 min. Trust us.