Does RSL have any offensive coaches?

As I was reading the comments on this post,

I thought it was odd that we needed to have a goal keeper dedicated coach on staff. We don't have another specific position dedicated coach, so why one for keeper? I understand it is a unique position that is unlike any other on the field but why have a dedicated coach just for this position?

I then had the thought, who is RSL's offensive coach? Petke was a defender. Marshall was a defender. Juarez was a defender. Briggs was an attacking mid, wait, Briggs is an RSL assistant coach? I had no idea that Briggs was an assistant coach for RSL. Is he the offensive coach for the team? If not, who is? Eck was a forward, Andy was an attacking mid, but neither of them are coaches. So it leads me back around to, do we really need coaches that are dedicated to a position or an area?

Tell me what you think.

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