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RSL vs. Manchester United: What we learned

It was a quality outing for RSL to be proud of.

Manchester United v Real Salt Lake Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr/Getty Images

We have some momentum. RSL looks fired up and exploding on all cylinders. We opened this thing against one of the world’s most prestigious teams—across any sport—and we held our own. We looked pretty doing it. Our attack finally looks like it’s something that can, dare I say it, finish. Might we be on track to start finishing more chances? Scoring? I’m still amped from the six we put past LA Galaxy. Will it continue?

Let’s talk about Rusnák, Savarino, and Plata, shall we? These guys looked connected and together. With the talent that’s there, it’s exciting to see them moving together. On the same page. There were still a couple of ugly moves, but the ugliness was vastly outnumbered by the quality interconnectivity. These are the guys who are going to make our attack work. If there’s anything to be excited about, it’s the way these three played together. They way they moved the ball down the field and found each other. They were a force. I’ve been all-in for Petke since the beginning, but to see him get these pieces humming is motivating.

And what about Marcelo Silva? He was mostly quiet on the night, but there’s no question he has quality. A toe poke here, a clearance there. He’s obviously new to the team and his play showed that, but he has skill.

And the reserve roster? Real Monarchs? They held their own. They attacked. They put it out on the field. It was something this entire organization should be proud of.


All of those Manchester United fans from Utah who wore their Manchester United jerseys to the RioT and cheered against RSL will feel such shame that they’ll dispose of their Manchester United gear and be all-in for RSL. But seriously. Cheering for Man U over RSL? As a Utahn? Tsk, tsk, tsk. But thanks for your money!

RSL is going to be the most exciting, hottest thing in MLS for the remainder of this season. We’re going to raise the bar for the Western Conference next year.

Then we’ll sign Pogba.