What do you think of Adrian Healey and Alejandro Moreno commentary on RSL?

I was honestly surprised that the commentators were up to speed on current issues with Real Salt Lake. They threw Yura and his "hip" injury under the bus. They knew about recent player issues. They were very open on their thoughts about the RSL Front Office bringing Jeff Cassar back in the off season and then firing him after 3 games. They spoke several times of RSL being at the bottom of the MLS table and their amazingly poor goal differential. They even talked U20's and how the Monarch's are killing it.

What do you think? Did they do us wrong or do you think they were okay in what they had to say about RSL? Will this bring us round two of media credential revoking from RSL if Adrian Healey or Alejandro Moreno come back to the RioT? Only time will tell.

One thing that might be a good result from last nights game, the world just might stop calling us Real Salt Lake City.

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