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Is Marcelo Silva RSL’s new CB?

Speculating over Andy Williams tweets is a new national pastime.

UD Almeria v Real Madrid - La Liga Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images

“Centerback signings are a bit like unicorns, aren’t they?”

That’s a comment that I find very fitting. We’ve been promised one for years. At the beginning of the season when it was confirmed that David Horst was going to be brought in, lots of people assumed that he would be that guy. So far, he hasn’t been and RSL has the worst goal differential in the league, with -20. Thus, it comes to no one’s surprise that sealing that gigantic hole in the back is of the utmost importance.

Andy Williams has given us lots of hints in the past concerning club additions. Lets deconstruct some of his latest comments. Oh Bomma... We love you.

Could Silver potentially mean Silva??? As in, Marcelo Andrés Silva Fernández?

Johnny Cash is 6’2”:

And so is Marcelo Silva:

Let’s go through pieces of the checklist we have been given over the last few months.

A player from Spain? Check. In fact, Marcelo Silva has been there since 2010, making stints at second division clubs Almeria, Las Palmas, Real Valladolid, and most recently Real Zaragoza.

Is he a center back? Check.

Is he a player who is at his peak, in the middle of his career? Check.

Is he currently a free agent and rumored for a move to MLS? Check.

What do you think?