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Bursaspor Prez: Jorquera-to-RSL deal could be stalled on financials

We’re still waiting to see what comes out of this rumor.

Parma FC Official Portraits Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

A rumored deal seeing Chilean central midfielder Cristóbal Jorquera sent to Real Salt Lake could be on the rocks if Turkish reports quoting Bursaspor president Ali Ay are to be believed.

According to a tweet sent today quoting the president of Jorquera’s club, a deal could be hinging on either salary or transfer feeds.

From a Bing translation:

Ali: "Salt Lake, he offered a thousand $600 to transfer Jorquera. Jorquera €900 thousand here. $550 did not like getting their recommended."

And from Google Translate:

Ali Ay: "Salt Lake has offered $ 600,000 for Jorquera, Jorquera is getting € 900,000 here, and they did not like $ 550."

And in Turkish:

Ali Ay: "Salt Lake, Jorquera için $600 bin bonservis teklif etti. Jorquera burada €900 bin alıyor. Onların önerdiği $550 bini beğenmedi."

While neither English translation is particularly good, this does make it clear it’s a financial thing. I suspect it’s a salary concern, given Bursaspor’s president spoke about it — although that’s hardly certain.

Anyway, we’ll keep an eye on this one. All deals typically go through a period of this, especially when they become publicly known. Agents always love trying to play clubs and players against each other, and that could be happening here.