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MLS upholds Kyle Beckerman red card, Petke says

RSL’s coach is disgusted with the decision.

MLS: Real Salt Lake at Los Angeles Galaxy Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

We all waited for the announcement on Kyle Beckerman’s red card appeal, and now we have our answer: No.

That’s what Petke said during an interview with Bill Riley, ESPN700 commentator, who cites Petke in some tweets today.

Petke, quite clearly, isn’t happy.

Either there was a mistake filling out the ref report or the referee saw something that the committee that upholds this decision completely worded in in a different way.

It sucks the energy and the love of the game for a moment out of you, but you get over them.

How exactly the red card was upheld is a bit of a mystery. The cited incident — violent conduct — is extremely difficult to see on reply, let alone in live play. Baldomero Toledo indicated in his report that the red card was for violent conduct.