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RSL vs SKC: What we learned

Ashes, ashes, they all fall down. Again and again.

MLS: Sporting KC at Real Salt Lake Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

As frustrating as that match was, we put in a good showing against a team that was first in the Western Conference just this morning. We played three matches this week. We came out with four of six points in MLS play. Not entirely a negative week. In fact, I’d call this week productive and positive.

Floppy Sporting Kansas City. That ref was having some real consistency issues and SKC latched onto that. They played that ref like a harmonica. They flopped at every opportunity and it played in their favor. So, who’s excited for Video Assistant Referee? Hopefully VAR will keep players honest. Reduce some of that obnoxious gamesmanship that slows everything down. Hey, at least we didn’t see any fidget spinner throwing-stars lobbed at Feilhaber’s head. Well done, RioT fans. Well done.

How about Acosta’s through balls? Those things are spectacular. It’s sure nice to feel frustrated at dropping points, again. Thank you, RSL, for reminding me what it feels like to win. Although, I expect a future loss is going to ruin my week again. Thing about losing so much, you get used to it. I was used to it. Now I’m not. And from his response and ejection, I don’t think Petke is used to it anymore either. Love that emotional response.

But let’s face it. Some better finishing and we would have won that match. We keep giving these opposing keepers the opportunity to pad their stats with a lot of saves. Shots on goal are swell, but goals are wonderful. It’s time to make more of these shots count, RSL. There’s plenty to be proud of, and there’s plenty to improve on. Keep improving and I’ll keep smiling. Get some rest.


Beckerman gets an additional two games suspension for chewing his tofu with too much violence.

Diego Rubio finds that he just can’t stop falling over. After visiting many doctors, he’s diagnosed with floppingitis and has to be institutionalized. This becomes the primary illness for SKC players. Feilhaber retires, citing floppingitis as the cause.

Vermes is really happy that Dwyer kept that seat nice and warm for him.

Yura, sad that no one took a cooling towel from him during the hydration break, campaigns against towels. His campaign is so successful that towels become outlawed and we all air dry after showers. Towel bootleggers make millions. The Great Towel Shootout finally brings down the Martha Stewart Collection Cartel.