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DisCo suspends one SKC player after chippy RSL match

Justice has been served — it was just a little late coming to the table.

MLS: Sporting KC at Real Salt Lake Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

The MLS Disciplinary Committee laid their judgment bare for the ever-chippy Real Salt Lake vs. Sporting Kansas City tie, and wouldn’t you know it, but two SKC players got hit by the committee.

First up, Gerso Fernandes gets a suspension for his horror tackle against Luke Mulholland. That was for “serious foul play,” which is fair enough. The referee really should have caught that one, but since he didn’t, at least somebody did.

Second — and this one surprised me a little bit, given I didn’t really notice it in real-time — Ilie Sanchez was handed a fine for violating the league’s hands-to-face rule.

Obviously, this all feels like too-little, too-late, but given Sporting KC is in our conference, it’s at least going to make some sort of difference for us.

Thankfully, Real Salt Lake escaped unscathed from this one. There’s still no news on retribution for RSL coach Mike Petke’s press conference, but we’ll keep our ear to the ground on this one.