MLS Saying Anything is Independent Is an Oxymoron reported last week the following,

The Independent Panel, consisting of one representative each from the U.S. Soccer Federation, Canadian Soccer Association and Professional Referees Organization, has rejected Real Salt Lake's appeal of midfielder Kyle Beckerman's red card, issued in the 55th minute of RSL's match against the Portland Timbers on July 19 (video above). Beckerman will serve his one-game suspension during RSL's next match on Saturday, July 22 against Sporting Kansas City.

Each club is entitled to two unsuccessful appeals per season, including playoffs. Real Salt Lake has one unsuccessful appeal remaining for the 2017 season.

What is independent about that panel? Nothing since PRO is on the panel reviewing the actions of one of their own. Why is PRO on the panel reviewing the red card issued by a PRO ref? Who ever made the decision for PRO to be on the review panel needs to ask that question to themselves OUT LOUD.

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