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Elliot Fall on ESPN 700: They’re simply rumors

RSL assistant GM joined Bill Riley to talk about the transfer window, Marcelo Silva, the Yura rumors, and more.

MLS: Minnesota United FC at Real Salt Lake Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Real Salt Lake’s assistant general manager Elliot Fall spoke with Bill Riley on ESPN700 today to talk all things RSL. He was filling in for a currently indisposed Craig Waibel, who’s getting some rest after he had an apparent mountain biking accident over the holiday.

They started with some talk on RSL’s new center back signing, Marcelo Silva, where Fall explained that Craig and others went to watch him play in Spain. “We were all sold on his ability to be the piece that we needed him to be,” Fall explained. “He’s very excited to be here and is fitting in well.”

While Silva is currently with the team, he’ll be available for play after July 10th, when the transfer window officially opens. Fall says that Silva doesn’t speak English well and is currently learning the language. His wife is due to have a baby any day now while his family is still in Spain, preparing for the move to Utah.

Moving to the subject of Chilean midfielder Cristobal Jorqueira, Fall says that nothing will be happening with him anytime soon. “There is certainly nothing on the near horizon. We never know what exactly is going to transpire throughout the window,” he said. “Right now, we don’t have anything to report on him.”

Fall did make it sound like Jorqueira would be a great addition to the team if the deal pans out somewhere down the road.

Finally, the topic everyone was waiting for: the Yura trade rumors.

Unsurprisingly, Fall didn’t give any insight whatsoever into the validity of the rumor that started with a Paul Tenorio tweet this morning.

“There’s rumors every day that come out about players all over the league . . . we don’t comment on rumors like that.” This comes as an expected response, as RSL staff has never been known to release official comments based on speculation.

“Yura is a veteran, key part of our team . . . we expect Yura to continue with our group and perform when he’s called upon,” Fall continued. “They’re simply rumors.”